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Galen 1.5T Breast MRI

Disclaimer:  The Video Content has been made available for informational purposes only. Headsets are required to enhance audio protection during the scan.

The EMMA 1.5T MRI is designed to offer breast imaging centers a new adjunctive tool to their current equipment options. Emma is a whole body MRI with dedicated breast coils for exclusive high-quality imaging.


 In collaboration with leading breast cancer centers and following new published trends, the EMMA system extends MRI's strong diagnostic utility with rapid and cost-effective - optimal breast MRI screening exams (AB-Breast MRI). It's a cutting-edge, humanistic and affordable MRI Breast Scan. 

Whether it is concerning a follow-up of questionable Mammogram results or a confirmation of other borderline results and known dense breast situations, the EMMA MRI offers diagnostic benefits and fully functional whole-body scanning.  It forges together improved workflow practices to achieve rapid and low-cost examinations as required for breast screening studies as well as to provides thorough and comprehensive gold standard breast exams which high field MRI systems in the industry have generated over the past decades.  

On Feb 22 2019,  of the Filing device: EMMA 1.5T MRI Systems presented, US FDA has decided to grant its FDA 510k clearance. 



Gradient strength: 44mT/m

Slew rate: 275T/m/s

It helps our system reach new heights in productivity, reliability and patient comfort



In collaborating with Dr. Christopher Comstock, a head radiologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre of the US, scan time protocols have been significantly reduced from the standard 45 minutes to 15 minutes.*



Near absolute zero helium lost, without the need for a continuous supply of liquid helium.



In-house developed breast coils with 3 cup-sizes that can cover cup sizes from AA to E, and optimized coil size that can deliver high-resolution with exceptional quality breast imaging. 



Galen’s one-button scan combines with Galen’s optimal protocol offers simple, user-friendly and efficient workflow.



Breast cancer risk increases with increased breast density measured using the PD index, and regardless of menopausal status. 



Galen is committed to education and development. The involvement of professionals, educational institutions, along with the environment as a learning community that enables us to pursue innovative ideas and sustainable development. 



EMMA's top-of-the line 1.5T MRI machine comes with an Artificial Intelligence system to enhance report writing. The cloud-based service collates cases in order to leverage Big-Data advantages in imaging...



We develop accessories and additional coils to facilitate specific clinical requirements beyond our standard package. 

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* By using Galen's customized protocols.

Galen reserves the right to alter prices, specifications, features, capabilities, function manufacturing release dates, and ​even general availability of the product at any time.

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