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Galen aims to bring cutting-edge MRI (& related) technology for quality medical diagnosis in affordable ways that benefit all people.



Galen willingly assumes its commitments and responsibilities to its customers, its staff and the society it serves. Our core values are Professional Integrity, Team-Work and Caring to All.


Why Galen

As a new-comer to the industry we are dedicated to be meticulously in all our systems. We work harder to serve our customers and would like to be a trusting partner with you for continuous growth.

Name of Galen



Galen was the greatest physician of ancient Rome.  Whereas Hippocrates laid the foundation of Greek Medicine, Galen further developed its theory and practice, and carried Greco-Roman medicine to its zenith.

We chose to use the name Galen because it exemplifies our corporate values and mission of being a leader in the medical field. 

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