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Collaborating with local veterinarians to offer MRI scans

We care to give hope and a humane option for pet parents.

We are against pet euthanasia, and our machines provide clear images allowing pet parents to make informed decisions on how to keep their beloved companions healthy.

Caring Heart Campaign



NPV X Galen Imaging Centre

NPV x GALEN Imaging Centre soft-launched in September 2019.

Fun (N) Run program in WSAVA, Singapore 

September 2018

2018. March 21

JunJai (a 12-year-old Jack Russell Terrier) is suffering from back pain. He had a back surgery a few years ago. An MRI scan was arranged per a veterinarian’s suggestion to check what triggers the pain in order to provide him with the most appropriate treatment.

2018. March 29

Siu Pak (a 11-year-old), is experiencing weakness and pain in his left back leg for some unknown reason. He has problems even walking properly. After getting an MRI scan, he was given the recoomendation to do an operation on his leg.

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