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Galen (Galen MRI Systems Limited) specializes in developing new-generation MRI systems with machine-learning and A.I. capabilities that help medical professionals provide affordable and quality diagnisos to patients. Galen has successfully developed with Dr. Christopher Comstock, Attending Radiologist, Director of Breast Imaging Education at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MKSCC) and co-created the world’s most innovative breast MRI systems with breakthrough scanning protocols. It also works with another research partner to come up with an advance digital PET-MR system, advancing Galen’s multi-module capabilities.

Galen is driven by a team of devoted engineers, healthcare professionals and management experts. Endowed with insights from original research and global patents, the firm makes use of a rich intellectual property portfolio (including IP transferred from Columbia University and the University of Hong Kong) to advance current MRI systems and related technology. Galen’s systems are known for its high-quality images, machine durability, cutting-edge features and good price-value.

Galen is headquartered in Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) a place where innovation, creativity, enterpreneurship and global market information converge. Situated in this vibrant R&D hub, our motivated teams of talents are continuously seeking sollutions to the world’s rising medical diagnostic needs.

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