Image Comparison with other MRI provider (left) to Galen (right)

March 2020

Galen Imaging

Whole Spine T1 2D SE Cor 3.png
L-Spine T2 2D FSE Sag.png
C-Spine T2 2D FSE Sag.png
C-Spine Combined Multi-Echo Gradient Ech
Pituitary T1 MP-RAGE Ax.png
Brain T2 2D FSE Ax.png
Pituitary T1 MP-RAGE Sag.png
Brain T2 2D FSE Sag.png
T2 2D FSE Ax.png
Brain T2 2D FLAIR Ax.png
Wrist T2 2D FSE Cor.png
Knee T21 2D FSE Sag.png
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